Company profile

Who We Are
Allied Trade Link International Pvt. Ltd. is a technology company and one of the most prominent players in smartphone distribution industry in Nepal. Working as the National Distributor for Karbonn mobiles and Panasonic mobiles, the company has taken long strides in pioneering the sales, distribution and marketing of these brands. Allied Trade Link Intl Pvt. Ltd. is revolutionizing the business with its innovative technology and its wide pool of dedicated human resources, strong and reliable distribution channels and wide chain of POS throughout the country.

Mission and Vision
Innovations in technology are transforming the world. Revolutionizing business through technology innovation and integration is the main motto of Allied Trade Link Intl. To realize this dream, Allied Trade Link Intl. has amassed a wide pool of skilled human resources, pioneered the mobile technology and developed strong distribution channels ensuring it to be the market leader. The company aims to provide the latest technology devices for the satisfaction of its customers.

With Mr. Manish Rajbhandari, Managing Director of Allied Trade Link Intl., at the helm providing guidance and vision, the company is establishing itself as a market leader in the field of wireless devices including mobile and mobile technology. Mr. Rajbhandari brings with him more than 18 years of extensive experience in this domain and has been instrumental in widening the business horizons.

Since its inception in 2009 in Kathmandu, Allied Trade Link Intl. has been continuously growing its market and has spread its reach and technical innovation all over the country. With its revolutionary technological innovation and qualified and dedicated human resources, Allied Trade Link Intl. is striving to be the leading distributor and fulfillment partner in wireless devices and IT products.