Strengths, Principles & Strategy

Since the arrival of smartphones, mobile technology has strengthened its roots, irrespective of industry verticals. Mobility has been one of the most prevailing innovations of recent times. Technologies and capabilities that were once reserved for the upper echelon of business can now fit comfortable in the palms of almost anyone's hand. Mobile technology will undoubtedly continue to revolutionize the way we live our lives and Allied Trade Link Intl. is in the frontline of this revolution.

Allied Trade Link Intl, strengths, principles and strategies are highlighted below:

Distribution Partner: Allied Trade Link Intl. works as the sales and distribution partner for Karbonn and Panasonic smartphones.

Channel Partner: With over 50 strong channel partners and over 1175 POS throughout the country, Allied Trade Link Intl. has broad network for the distribution of its products.

Service Centers: To provide the best in class customer support and build relationship with its customer base, the company has 5 authorized service centers and over 22 ASC spread throughout the country.

Experience: The company senior management has over 18 years of experience in various businesses including mobile industry which has provided the company, the knowledge and capacity to become the leader in this domain.

Supply Chain: Through numerous distribution centers and warehouses, Allied Trade Link Intl. manages the flow of products by maintaining a close link and coordination of activities. This integrates distribution and customer logistics hence reduces time, minimizes redundant effort and the inventory cost.

Customer Relationship: With its customer relationship management team, the company excellently deals with all existing and potential new customers.

Sales and Marketing: The Company has a team of sale and marketing professionals dedicated towards innovating varied marketing strategies, identifying new customers, creating and increasing customer awareness about its products hence targeting to increase sales.

Differential Strategy: Allied Trade Link Intl. is one of the rising companies in smartphone distribution in Nepal. This is mainly due to the company's ability to market the brand and its products. Brand marketing is marketed using a differential strategy to differentiate its products making it stand apart from its competitors. Differential strategy highlights the striking difference of Allied Trade Link Intl products with competitive brands. Products differential is highlighted using a variety of factors like product quality, durability, reliability, exceptional product design, quality of performance and performance quality conformity.

Focus Strategy: Focus strategy is the third generic competitive strategy and one of the foundations of business level strategy. Allied Trade Link Intl. directs focus strategy toward servicing the need of a limited group of segment and concentrates on servicing a particular market niche that may be defined geographically by type of customer or by segment of the product line.

Grand Strategy: Traditional strategic planning is insufficient for addressing todays' structures in a company turbulent time where markets move quickly and competition is increasingly vague. For this Allied Trade Link Intl. uses 'Grand Strategies' to shape the business and to focus on long term goals and objectives.

Growth Strategy: The Company's aim of expansion business activities in this way to meet its growth objectives. Allied Trade Link Intl. uses this highly versatile strategy as it offers several permutations and combinations for growth. Expansion strategy is used to generate alternatives within the strategy by altering the propositions regarding in terms of products, markets, functions and pick the one that suits it best.

Diversification Strategy: Diversification is a marketing strategy used by Allied Trade Link Intl. to access new and emerging markets, innovative technological skills, expertise supply channel, and provide services for ultimate customers. Leveraging the business alliances it has diversified its products to include budget phones to advanced smartphones, phablets, tablets, and different Wi-Fi technology products.

Since technology is changing day by day, 'customer' demands are changing accordingly and Allied Trade Link Intl. is diverting the business focus from the existing traditional areas to new promising ones. It is introducing new and substitute products and services in the market to meet the customers' expectation and to draw their attention.