Our Approach

The company aims to focus on long term growth by mobilizing channel expansions and working on making its value chain more effective and efficient.

Allied Trade Link Int'l aspires to be the market leader in sales and distribution of various technical gadgets linked to its strategic partners. The long term strategy that Allied follows in doing so are:
Allied brings to the market the best available products…
Through diversified channels…
Hence, becoming the total solutions provider

Best Products Provider
Allied Trade Link Int'l has been making excellent efforts towards maintaining fortifying vendor relationships leading to a win-win situation, wherein the vendors are delighted to see their market expand, in the meantime, Allied is providing the local consumers with the best IT gadgets they deserve for the price they pay.
The company also has an eye in developing its talent pool and has invested in a number of training and development programs for its employees. Incremental skill-set development of employees leads to new and innovative marketing strategies which in-turn boosts sales and consumer satisfaction. Allied Trade Link Int'l has been by far successful in leveraging the strategic partnerships and its talent pool in emerging as the best products provider in the industry.

Diversified Channels
Diversification is key mantra of managing risk in any business. Allied Trade Link Int'l, following the same mantra, has developed a large number of diversified distribution channels and made its way to penetrate even the rural niche markets. With the focus of reaping long term benefits, the company has also invested in educating its channel partners and believes that this will fortify its goals of bringing in innovative ideas to create new and niche sales channels.